LUMI means snow in Finnish, and as the root word in English, it also means shining and glowing.

Our mission is bringing you snow-white and shiny skin. We LUMI Co., Ltd. will always adhere to Customer-First principle, carefully listening to each customer's needs, and trying our best to serve our customers. Our best OEM cosmetic solutions help customers grow our business together and create new business value


About Us

We will support your brand launch with Professional service and high-end Japan Quality

Company Name LUMI Co., Ltd.

Board Member

President     Rui Kawaguchi
Capital 600 Million Yen

Head Office


24-2, Higashiuracho, Yokoooji, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Japan

■By Bus
Walk 7 minutes from Fudoyokoooji

■By Car
Driving 8 minutes from IC:「Kyoto Minami」of Meishin Highway

Descriptions of Business

Planning & Development of OEM
Cosmetics Manufacture and Sales of skincare products,
body care and hair care products Manufacture and Sales of quasi drugs
Esthetic Cosmetics and Sales of cosmetic containers
Cosmetic Export & Inport Certificate Application

TEL 075-585-7562
Main Banks


Kyoto Chuo Shinkin Bank

“Snow-white, shiny and perfect skin is what we purse in our whole life.”New products create new business opportunities.

As a professional proposal-oriented OEM cosmetics company, LUMI Co., Ltd. satisfies every customer’s needs in an all-round way, from product conception, cosmetic formula development, manufacturing and filling, to applications for overseas import and export procedures, and creates the most competitive cosmetics for our customers. Our company has rich experience in developing products from basic skin care series (moisturizing, whitening, anti-aging and other functional products), facial mask, hair care products to male cosmetics acne products, etc., which can fully meet the major needs of customers. For any questions about OEM cosmetics manufacturing, please feel free to contact us, our company will endeavor to sincerely and promptly to meet your needs.

Why choose LUMI Co., Ltd.?

【1】As a professional OEM cosmetics company, our company will provide one-stop service from product planning to overseas import and export procedures.
【2】We can provide the manufacturing of various products from basic cosmetics, color cosmetics, body care, hair care to beauty salon cosmetics.​
【3】Small batch orders can also be manufactured.
【4】We have a long-term and friendly cooperative relationship with major cosmetics raw material suppliers in Japan, so that we will always propose you with the latest ingredient information and cutting edge technology.
【5】Our company has a cooperative cosmetic container manufacturing plant in China, which can meet customer needs at a more affordable price.
【6】We provide services in Japanese, Chinese, and English, can cooperate with overseas customers very well.
【7】We welcome any consultation no matter you are completely inexperienced or new to this field.
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Other Services

We will support your brand launch with Professional service and high-end Japan Quality

Cosmetic Packaging Design & Supply​​
● Cosmetic Packaging Design & Supply​​

We have a good cooperative relationship with many cosmetic container factories in Japan and China. ​​​We can fully meet the needs of our customers by providing various high-quality cosmetic containers.​​​​

Cosmetic Export & Inport Certificate Application​​​
● Cosmetic Export & Inport Certificate Application​​​

We have a wealth of experience in overseas import and export certificate application of cosmetics. According to the needs of customers and local legal requirements, we can handle various procedures for exporting and importing between Japan a​​​​​​nd other countries.​​​

Cosmetic technology seminar​​
● Cosmetic technology seminar​​

We will hold lectures on cutting-edge cosmetics knowledge and technology from time to time, and will invite industry experts and cosmetics companies for knowledge exchanges. At the same time, we also provides short-term cosmetics knowledge training services for overseas personnel to Japan.​​​​​​

Proposal of cosmetic raw materials originated in Japan
● Proposal of cosmetic raw materials originated in Japan

We can propose the latest Japanese cosmetic ingredients for overseas customers. We can also help export cosmetic raw materials originated in Japan.


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Our office:

24-2 Higashiuramachi, Yokooji, Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto, Japan

Call us:

+81 075-585-7562

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Frequently Asked Questions

The sampling and formulate decision normally takes about 4 weeks, and the design for the container also takes about one month. If everything goes smoothly, generally it takes 2 to 3 months from the initial meeting to the completion of production. If you decide to have a new formula developed, or use printed container, or prefer to use a special and new ingredient and so on, the delivery time may also extend to half a year due to the above factors.

We can manufacture products from basic skin care series, hair care series, beauty salon cosmetics to make up cosmetics, hair growth tonic , soaps and other various cosmetics.

Of course you can.Generally containers printing starts from 1000 pieces, and coloring starts from 3000 pieces. From a cost perspective, for customers who want to start from small batch, we recommend you to adopt the solution of using product stickers or labels.

Of course, compared with printed containers, it may seems not very polished. However, even big brands use labels to design high-end products. Moreover, using stickers and labels can reduce the risk of inventory of printed bottles, also several kinds of products can share the same containers by just changing the stickers. Many companies will try stickers and labels first to see the market response for new brand, and then change to printing solution.

Of course you can. Our company can help prepare all the documents needed for the application of cosmetic export procedures. (Please understand depending on medical regulations of different countries, sometimes rejection happens or the application expense is very high).

Of course we can. We have worked and collaborated with several design companies, which can help satisfy customers' need as possible as we can.

We can accept the cosmetic raw materials provided by our customers. but it is necessary to confirm whether the specified cosmetic raw materials are allowed to a cosmetic formula according to medical regulation. Normally, we need customers to provide certificates such as SDS (Safety Data Sheet) or COA (Certificate of Analysis) to guarantee the safety and quality.

Generally, if properly stored in a cool, dry place, most unopened and completely sealed makeup should last for 3 years. However, the quality of cosmetics does not change suddenly after 3 years, It gradually fades or deteriorates with time and environmental changes.Therefore, it is favorable that you sell or use it as soon as possible.

Please keep cosmetic products at room temperature in a dry and dark environment out of direct sunlight.

No, it is not needed. We will apply for cosmetics manufacturing and sales licenses when we manufacture your products. So customers do not need to have other sales licenses.

In terms of containers and printing, bottled cosmetics from 3,000 pieces, tube-shaped cosmetics from 5,000 pieces, and sheet masks from 10,000 are more economical and cost-effective. Quantity below the above numbers is okay too. You are welcomed to consult us first.

Generally speaking, MOQ for bottled cosmetics is more than 300 pieces, facial masks is more than 10,000 pieces, and hard soaps is more than 1,000 pieces. Sometimes it is possible to accept lower quantities for first order only, but from a cost perspective, we do not recommend it. (customers who consider to order small quantities, please contact us for more details.